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AutoSSL helps SaaS companies serve their customers' vanity domains over HTTPS.

We automate the entire SSL lifecycle of your customers' domains with the help of Let's Encrypt. We provision, manage and renew the SSL certs automatically which helps you save time and money. With our simple API, you can programmatically whitelist customer domains and automate the process of allocating custom domains to your users. We have a global network of edge servers which makes sure that speed and security are not compromised.

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Whitelist customer domains through APIs

Add customer domains through our dashboard or API to automate the process of issuing SSL certs.

Automated SSL Lifecycle Management

We provision, manage and renew SSL certs so that you can focus on delivering real value to your customers.

Branded Experience for your customers

Your customer domains are served over HTTPS which improves SEO, security and offers a branded experience.

When do you need AutoSSL? 🤔

Most SaaS businesses have the following three options when offering custom domains to their customers:

Unsecure custom domains

Customer domains are not secured with HTTPS. The communication between users and the custom domains is NOT encrypted making them vulnerable to Man in the Middle attacks.

HTTPS but on an unbranded subdomain

In this option, SaaS businesses offer an unbranded subdomain to their customers. The connection is encrypted, but your customers lose the benefits of having a custom domain.

In house solution

A complex in house solution that takes care of provisioning and renewing SSL certs. It requires time, money and consistent efforts to make things work reliably.

AutoSSL Features ✨

Add and remove domains easily

Add your customer domains through our dashboard or easy-to-use APIs. Once you add a domain, ask your customers to update their CNAME record and we take care of managing and renewing SSL certs.

Speed and security

SSL is terminated at an edge location that is closest to the users. From that point we establish a secure connection with the origin server and serve the data. So, your customers enjoy the speed of edge delivery along with the security of HTTPS.

Branded Experience

Your customers enjoy a branded experience because of the ability to load their domains over HTTPS. This improves trust, SEO ranking and overall UX.

HTTP/2 and SSL Labs Score A

Your customers enjoy the speed and security of HTTP/2 and receive an SSL Labs score A.

Automate your workflow

No more exchange of emails or intercom messages. With our APIs, you can automate the process of adding a custom domain and issue SSL certs instantly.

Save time and money

No need to maintain a complex infrastructure to manage the SSL lifecycle. We help you automate the workflow of issuing and managing SSL certs so that you can invest your time and money where it matters the most.

Simple, predictable pricing

Our plans are designed to suit companies that range from small scale startups to large enterprises. Final pricing details will be announced after the public beta.

Instant SSL issuance

Once the users update their CNAME records, SSL issuance takes less than 10s. So, be prepared to delight your customers with ultra-fast SSL deployment.

Fast Support

We take our commitment to our users seriously. Although AutoSSL is very simple to use, we are ready to work with you and offer the necessary support via realtime chat and email.

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