Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL helps SaaS companies serve their customers' vanity domains over HTTPS. We automate the entire SSL lifecycle of your customers' domains with the help of LetsEncrypt. We provision, manage and renew the SSL certs automatically which helps you save time and money. With our simple API, you can programmatically whitelist customer domains and automate the process of allocating custom domains to your users. We have a global network of edge servers which makes sure that TLS/SSL is terminated at a location that is closest to the users, thereby offering speed and security.

Do you also offer a CDN?

No. Our job is terminating SSL connection at a location that is closest to your customers' audience. Once the SSL is terminated, we directly connect to the configured origin URL and serve the response. It's your responsibility to follow best practices and speed up your origin with the help of a CDN. So, if you are using something like Cloudflare to cache your web pages, you will get the benefits of both speed and security.

What does the process of adding a customer domain look like?

You can add a custom domain through the dashboard or our API. When you add a domain, you also specify an origin URL. After terminating SSL, we request the origin and serve the response. For example, a business offering status pages to their customers may add a domain called where the origin is When a request comes for host, we terminate the SSL at one of our edge locations and forward the request to

When do you provision the SSL certs?

When you add a domain through our dashboard or API, it's just whitelisted. The moment we receive a request for that domain for the first time, we generate an SSL cert on demand with the help of Let's Encrypt.

How long does it take to provision the SSL certs?

After a domain is whitelisted, your customer needs to add a CNAME/A record. Once DNS propagation is complete and the requests come to our servers, we generate an SSL cert on demand within a few seconds.

Who takes care of SSL renewals? Do my customers have to do anything?

Every Let's Encrypt certificate is valid for 3 months. Once we detect that a cert is about to expire within 30 days, we automatically renew it for 3 more months. Your customers don't need to take any actions.

How will my customers know the CNAME record hostname and value?

If you are using our API to whitelist domains, the response contains DNS instructions. You can use it to display CNAME and A records to your customers. If you are adding domains manually through dashboard, you can click on "View DNS Config" to obtain DNS instructions for that domain.

Where do I find some info on billing and pricing?

As of now, AutoSSL is in public beta. This means you can play around and test our service with up to 5 domains. As we harden our infrastructure for production and develop more clarity, we'll update billing and pricing info. If you want to try out our platform with more than 5 domains, please email [email protected]